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Why History Homework Is Not So Bad

When it comes to homework, most students do not worry too much about their history homework. Since history homework is about events that have already occurred, students tend to be successful on their assignments. Instead of solving math problems or writing reports about science problems, history homework usually involves reading or answering questions about historical events. There are several other reason why history homework is not so bad to completed.

History homework is interesting. Many of the historical events that are taught in history class are interesting to learn. Students get to learn about different wars, leaders, and cultural events. They get to see what small events led to the major events. Teachers often assign history homework that gets students to look at how major historical events are still affecting our world today.

History homework is easy. Most students do not complain about the difficulty of history homework. Even the writing assignments are not overly challenging, because they involve analyzing political cartoons and first-person documents. The reading and writing does involve thinking about the relationships between documents, but students can usually defend their answers with the pieces they have to read.

History homework is open-ended. Math and science homework can be challenging because the homework answers must be 100% correct. With history homework, students can often include their opinions because the questions are open-ended. Students have to use evidence to support their opinions, but they still remain open-ended. Students have opportunities for creativity when they write their open-ended answers.

History homework often includes geography. Students love to study maps. Now that students can use online maps and satellite images and street views of locations all over the world. History and geography can come to life, even from the classroom. Even just ten short years ago, teachers could only show images in textbooks or from their own travels and those were no where near as interesting as the images that are available online.

History homework can be creative. It is a rare experience to have creative homework in math or science. Some history homework can involve fun assignments like creating political cartoons, satires, or other clever ideas. This type of homework is fun for students because they get to be imaginative and apply what they know in new and unusual ways. Students actually enjoy this type of homework, unless it is assigned frequently.

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