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Free Chemistry Homework Help: Is it Really Helpful?

Chemistry can be challenging and complex. Homework help can and will be very beneficial. There are certain principles you should know when you finish a basic Chemistry 101. You should be knowledgeable in:

  1. Metric systems
  2. Element symbols
  3. Chemical formulas
  4. Temperature scales
  5. Atomic structures
  6. Chemical equations
  7. Concentrations
  8. Concepts from physics
  9. Weight relationships

Your class goal will be to master all of these concepts and to use them in a lab setting successfully.

Help: Where to Turn

If you struggle with chemistry class, you should meet with your teacher. Sometimes a plan from your teacher or a simple help session or two can be enough to set you back on track. Most teachers offer a weekly extra help day.

If that is not enough help for you, then consider hiring a tutor. Tutoring services are quite expensive, but usually very effective. If that tutoring option is not in the budget, think about an online tutor. Online tutors are sometimes less expensive.

Free chemistry sites do exist and some of them are quite nice. One is Yeah Chemistry and it has a reputable and fair amount of endorsements. The problem with chemistry help is that much of what you need to master needs to take place in the lab setting.

There are some virtual chemistry labs such as Chem Collective and Virtlab. The online virtual labs can be quite beneficial and should certainly be implemented if you are struggling in chemistry class.

The Verdict

If chemistry is winning the battle and not you, my suggestion would be that you do all of the following things to get a handle on the situation:

  • Ask questions in class
  • Always participate in class
  • Do your homework
  • Seek help from friends who do well in chemistry
  • Complete your lab assignments and lab paperwork
  • Do not get behind in the class
  • Hire a tutor if possible
  • Consider a peer tutor
  • Use the free online help sites
  • Use the free online virtual lab sites

Combining all of these tasks will take time, but you will see positive results. However, the results will be relative to your input. Make sure that every night, you allow for additional study time for chemistry class. You do not want to play catch-up for the entire semester. Get a handle on the problem as quickly as you can, so you can have chemistry success!

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