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Urgent matter: help me find statistics homework

Homework is an avoidable part of student’s life. But there are certain critical subjects, which cannot be solved on one’s own. One such subject is statistics.

The ones, who are in urgent need of help with their statistics sums, can utilize the following tips and tricks:

  • Match the question of the sum to that of an already solved sum in the book. If you find such a sum, then the technique or solving steps will be similar and only the digits will be different. You can follow the steps and solve the sum.
  • In case you do not find a similar sum in the book, you can check your notebook where you have noted down the sums taught in class by the teacher. Most often, the teacher gives those sums in homework, which have been already taught in class so that students continue their practice at home. If the question matches, then use the solved sum to complete the homework.
  • In case you do not find the sums, try asking a senior at home who can help you with the sum. You can ask your elder brother or sister to teach you the formula to use and you can do it on your own. For instance: if you know which sum will use mean, median or mode formula, you will be able to solve the homework by applying the right formulae.
  • Discuss the sums with your friends. Call up a friend whom you feel can help you instantly regarding the statistics homework. Learn it and use your understanding to finish your homework.
  • If none of the above works, then go to a library and search for books, which have samples of solved statistics sums. These samples or examples can help you doing your homework and finishing it on time.
  • There are various online books offering examples of statistic sums. You can go through the sums and apply the most suitable formula and check if you can come up with an answer.
  • If you still unable to solve them, speak to your teacher about your search and application of formulae that were not successful. Show the attempts made and the teacher will point out where you went wrong or what needs to be done.

It is all about making an attempt and using the learning. Do not neglect the homework, follow the above tips, and you will solve them.

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