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Some special tips that will help you cope with your math homework

One of the most important things to know about Math is that you need to practice what you have learned in order to gain mastery. Reading and writing it takes practice and so does Math.

You may find that you perform well in the classroom , but when you get home and start on your homework, that is when you have difficulty. Its as if the journey home took you through a time warp that erased your most recent learning in Math from your brain.

One other thing you need to take into consideration is that not everyone grasps Math easily. It may be because it really is a foreign language to you or that your tutor did not give a good explanation in class and you may also find it hard to relate what is taught in the classroom to real life situations.

  1. You need to practice Math on a daily basis. Don’t just practice computation, try math puzzles and math games to increase brain capacity. Learn your tables, get an app that can be played while you sleep. Don’t just learn formula - understand why they work and understand the relationship between all the parts of the formula. Find out how these formula apply to real life situations.
  2. You need motivation: think of all the activities that you need Math on a personal level , on a professional level. Try doing DIY or play football without understanding math.
  3. Math homework - What can you do in 15 minutes of focused work. Don’t do Math when you are tired. Don’t put it off until the last thing. Don’t rush, Don’t panic
  4. Stuck? Then ask your tutor and make a summary of what they told you. If you can verbalize it, the chances are that you understand it. Remember your tutor was not born with the ability to understand all mathematical concepts they had to learn too.
  5. If you have mastered no. 4 - now try and explain the math concept to someone else. That is how tutors learned mastery. -
  6. Don’t use calculator unless you really understand how the answer is calculated - if you can do a guestimate in your head you will know that the answer is incorrect.
  7. Work with a friend - you can support each other, but also try to work independently.
  8. Find an after school tutor, just to help you out.
  9. Are there resources for extra help in school?
  10. Don’t panic - you will be surprised how much math there is on our daily lives and how much math you already do - you just need to formularize it.

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