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How to Cheat on your Biology Homework: List of Hints

  1. Keep your notes available
  2. Biology builds on each concept presented, to understand further concepts it is essential to know the previously taught concepts. Another con of biology is how much information is taught in one lecture or class time. In order to help facilitate your learning and completion of your homework assignment, keep all your notes in an organized fashion available to reread or review during homework time.

  3. Keep textbook at hands reach
  4. Because biology is so dense and rich with information that even notes are not enough at times. When this happens it is handy to keep your textbook at hands reach. The reason for having the biology textbook specifically at hands reach is because if it is on your far shelf, car or another room you will feel more discouraged to get up from your homework spot to get the book.

  5. Have a bottle or cup of water nearby
  6. Instead of wasting time to go to your kitchen to get water, keep some water available to you. That way you stay focus and keep your body hydrated. Thirst can be distracting when trying to focus on your assignment. Fortunately becoming thirsty can be easily avoided with a bottle or cup of water nearby. Be careful if it is a cup, keep at high instead of right next to your assignment just in case there is a spill.

  7. Have a small clean snack at hand
  8. It is important to stay energized and focused throughout your homework time. Hunger is another huge distractor that may lead to other distractors. Avoid this by having a small snack available. This will keep your energy up and hold off any major hunger cravings until you are done with your assignment. Making sure the snack is a clean one is extremely helpful. Crumbs on your desk, assignment, or on yourself isn’t going to help your productivity level.

  9. Keep all electronics off
  10. The phone and tv must be completely off! Usually I leave my phone outside in the mailbox or in another room I know I won’t be able to get it as easily. Disconnect your tv and keep the remote control very far.

Practicing all of these hints while doing your biology homework will help make things easier on your time, brain, and yourself. Good luck!

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