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How to deal with school homework: list of great suggestions

Home work can seem a bind and after a day in school it may not seem fun to go home and revisit work again. To get the best out of your homework and still get to relax at the end of a long day you need to change your mindset about why we do homework.

Why do homework?

  • It can help you review what you have learned in the day.
  • It helps you prepare for the next class.
  • It helps you to see your progression.
  • It lays the foundation for good study habits when you go to college.

How to achieve a balance between homework and free time.

  1. Prepare. Make sure that you have a quiet place to study (this may be at home or you may choose to do your homework at school in the library).
  2. Prepare some more. Do you work best with a some music in the background? Make sure that you have your music and earphones to hand. Do you need any other equipment? You will be surprised how efficiently you will work if you have all that you need gathered together before you start.
  3. Check the instructions for your homework. Check deadlines. Work out which piece of homework is the more demanding (may be the best option to do that one first and not have it hanging over you).
  4. Be organized by using the same time every day to do your homework. No homework? Use that time to check over your notes and maybe research an aspect of the course that interests you.
  5. Don't just do your homework, know about the marking scheme and what you need to do to achieve a good grade. Be proactive.
  6. Be even more proactive. Go over your notes, and expand or make bullet points. By doing this and by talking to others it will help you develop your communication skills and develop a deeper understanding of the content of your study.
  7. Get even more organized. Make an effort to find out how you learn. Do you learn best by making a chart of information? Recording a lecture and playing it back while you are doing something else?
  8. Be really clever by using any travel time to make a start on your homework, even if its by brain storming and jotting down a few notes.
  9. Be part of a study group. This can be really helpful as you can bounce ideas off each other, share ideas and work on projects together.
  10. Make sure that you do not feel isolated. It is so easy to get home and start on your home work and feel that you are the only person experiencing any difficulty with the work - talk to your family and your teachers.

Good luck!

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