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How to Find Free Printable Samples of Homework Contracts

A homework contract is something that is established between teacher and student. The contract is an agreement stating the student's promise to complete his or her homework in a timely fashion, honestly, with his or her best effort. These contracts can be useful to help establish the specific expectations for performance of the student. Also, these guidelines help prepare the student for success. The terms for the course have been laid out in black and white, and the contract has been signed. Some places you can find free printable samples of homework contracts are teacher resources, contract creators, and forums. You would want to access these contract samples to get a better understanding of the kind of items reviewed in a homework contract (ie. plagiarism, cheating, etc.). Homework contract samples can be useful to both the teacher and the student.

Teacher Resources

By using a search engine you will be able to easily locate many websites dedicated to providing teacher resources. This will be the best place to locate documents to utilize for you'd homework contract purposes. There are many teacher resources available with both free and paid services. Explore your options and maybe even give a site's free trial a chance. These contracts and other resources can give you a leg up in the world of academia.

Contract creators

Another source you can visit when searching for sample homework contracts is an actual contract creator. There are many contract creation services available online for free and nominal fees. Some of these contract creators may have academic contracts and other ethical contracts which could be adapted for the homework contract use. By using a legal service you may find more formal contracts.


Another useful place you can locate homework contracts online is by exploring student and teacher forums. Just like with teacher resource sites, other education related forums will also potentially offer homework contract samples. Here you may also be able to find feedback from teachers and students about the pros and cons of specific contracts and contract terms.

With the use of resources like teacher websites, contractor creators, and forums you will be able to find plenty of sample homework contracts for whatever your academic needs may be. Whether you be a teacher seeking inspiration for your own homework contract or a student exploring the limits of academic ethics--these samples can be helpful.

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