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Help Me With Math Homework - I'm Desperate

If you are desperate and struggling with math homework there are some steps you can take to get help.

  • Step 1:
  • Review all of your homework assignments and class notes from the day before. Prior to going to class take a few minutes to look over the notes you took from the previous class. This will help you to reinforce the material. It will also remind you which areas you questioned and might still be struggling with so you know what to ask your teacher. If there is no class time to review the problems you don’t understand then you should visit office hours or arrange some time to meet with them so that they can work a few sample problems out for you.

  • Step 2:
  • Record all of your class lectures. Ask the teacher ahead of time if this is acceptable and if so record your lectures. You might miss something quite small but important if you are taking notes and you will forget to ask your teacher about it later. If this happens more than once during a given lecture you might fall very far behind. Another benefit to recording your lectures is that it helps auditory learners cement the lessons that are being taught.

  • Step 3:
  • As you take notes make sure you write down everything your teacher writes down. If they put a drawing on the board you should put it in your notes. If they take the time to write something down it is no doubt important. Even if you do not understand it now you might later on which is why it is important to write it down and review it at another point in time.

  • Step 4:
  • Request extra problems so that you can practice. The best way to learn math lessons is to practice and practice some more. One problem may not always be adequate to truly learn a lesson and sometimes your teacher does not have time to show you more than one example. If you do not have time in class to get a few more examples out of your teacher stop by their office hours or ask for extra problems to try at home.

Doing all of these steps will help anyone who is struggling with math homework and feeling desperate. It will help you take better notes and improve your retention.

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