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How to handle calculus homework: 5 tips to help you out

Sometimes no matter how much you understand a subject during a class, you may get home and when you are starting your homework all of a sudden all the new learning just goes out of your head. Help! Or it just maybe that you have difficulty with Calculus and really need some tips to help you get through your homework ordeal.

Read through the remit for your homework at least twice. Make sure you understand what is being asked. Don’t panic! Start with the questions that you find you are most confident with, and are also able to check your answers. If this does not work or you are still worried you may need to try some other options.

There are several books that may be of help to you. The problem here is that the solution is not instantaneous and is going to take a some time. Some times it is a good idea to look at how other people present calculus concepts as they may do it differently than your tutor. But generally this is not an easy fix to your problem.

Talk to some of the other students in your class and find out if they are experiencing a similar problem to you. If there is enough interest you may consider forming a study group and pool your ideas and resources. You may consider finding out who in your class is really good at calculus as they may be happy to share their knowledge with you. If there is a general feeling of helplessness with calculus with a group of you, it may be an idea to approach your tutor and ask for some more direction.

Checkout online help that is available. Look for online tutor support preferably that is free. Are they able to offer you some homework support that builds on your skills. You can alswys choose to pay for homework help and get someone to do your work for you, but that is really not going to help you in the long run, you are going to experience the same problem when you are next scheduled calculus homework.

While you are trawling the web check out any u-tube or video tutorials about calculus. This is a really great idea as not only do you get to see a demonstration of how to solve a problem you also get to play it back as often as you need and its free! Visual aids are always better than trying to struggle with a book.

Good Luck!

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