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Online Homework Answers:  Are Those A Good Option?

When you are looking for homework answers online, there are so many options; it can be difficult to find the ones that are right for you or that are going to give you the correct answers.  Like any market on the Internet, you will come across ones that just want money to give you the answers but most places can give you the answers for free and rely on ad revenue to make money.  These sites are the more legit sites because they saw that students need a service but didn’t want to take their hard earned money just to get help with their homework.

While most sites the give you homework help won’t give you the answers but they will show you how to do the problems, so you can do it on your own and learn.  This sites are very helpful if you want to learn but if you are strapped for time and need the answers right away, there are some sites that can help you answer them.

Online Homework Answers

  • Did you know that if you Google a math problem or question, they will probably give you the answer?  Google has made finding the answers to questions easier and it just takes seconds for you to get results that can answer your homework questions.  And most of the time you do have to read though text to find the answer, so you are still learning when you try to find the answer that way.
  •  If you want to find the answers in a certain textbook, Slader has a bunch of textbooks on their site and give you the answers to the problems in the book.  They do have a lot of textbooks on their site but you might not be able to find yours there.  Just check it out and see if you can find the book there with the answers.
  • A site called Chegg offers free help for students with homework questions.  They have live people available to ask questions about homework answers and they also have forums and message boards where students post help with different homework assignments.
  • Another site that can answer your homework questions is Study Pool, here you just type in your question and they will answer it for you for free.
  • There is another site like that one that answers questions for you for free, ChaCha.  This site answers you question for you and if you don’t think it is right, you can question it and they will find you the best answer for your question.

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