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Help with algebra homework: how to learn formulas quickly

Of course, the key of learning math is understanding, what this is about and how it works. You will never get far in algebra, if you simply learn everything by heart without even trying to understand, what it all means.

However, understanding may not be the most complicated part of studying math. Even if you can get the complicated problem and find out how to solve it within a few seconds, you still need to keep a lot of formulas in mind and know how and when to use them. With each year of studying you get more and more formulas to remember. It even seems impossible to memorize all of them. Our tips are designed to help you on your way to success in algebra.

  • Prepare to your class. Though 90 percent of students would not even think about it, this technique proves itself as very effective. If you know for sure, which topic the teacher will explain in class tomorrow, find time to read the chapter of your textbook, dedicated to it and try to understand what it is about. You may need to revise some previous topics to understand this one – do it! You will get it much easier in the class and remember everything much quicker.

  • Understand. There is no point in learning formulas by heart. You may be able to use them in problems that are similar to those solved in class, but you will for sure get stuck on more unusual problems. Make sure each component of the formula and its measures is familiar to you. Some diagrams may also help to memorize the formula and know how to use it.

  • Practice. If you simply learn the formula and move on to something else, it will be gone by the next morning; even if your brain thinks it will be there forever. Do not trust your memory and practice the formula several times. Find some problems in the textbook or online and solve them, trying not to look at the formula itself for as long as possible.

  • Make yourself a list of symbols. On the complicated levels of algebra you will come across a lot of different symbols, and each of them will have the special meaning. Of course, it is hard to remember all the symbols at once, there may be hundreds of them. Make yourself a small vocabulary with the symbol, its pronunciation and meaning.

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