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U.S. History Homework: Some Tips To Make It Interesting

Love it, or hate it, your U.S. History assignment needs to get done! If you are feeling less than enthralled at the prospect of an evening in with George Washington, George W. or the lovely and talented Hillary Clinton, don't despair. We have some ideas for how to make your next U.S. history homework project pass by quickly.

  • Get Yourself In The Mood With A Movie
  • Movies about different historical personalities, places or events can be a great way to get you thinking creatively about an essay or other history homework assignment. Documentaries can help you learn about the topic of your assignment, while also keeping you entertained.

  • Bribery Usually Works
  • Reward yourself for every hour worked or every five pages completed. Take a break, grab a snack, or take the dog for a walk. Tell yourself that you'll treat yourself to a meal out, or a trip to your favourite shop if you get a good grade.

  • Don't Go At It Alone
  • Chances are good that there are others in your class who feel as unmotivated as you do about the homework involved with a U.S. history course. Arrange to get together for a study session or to brainstorm ideas for essays and other assignments.

  • Procrastination Never Works!
  • Try not to leave your less loved assignments to the very last minute. You'll feel even more stress and pressure as you struggle to get them done. Any assignment suffers when you fail to leave enough time to edit and proofread it. You already have one strike against you in this case, as you are not learning about something you particularly like. Try to get an early start, and break the assignment up into bits that you can chip away at.

Dos And Don'ts For Any Homework Session

  • Choose a quiet corner of your home or school in which to work. Keep the television turned off, and do the same with your phone. Some people find classical or quiet music can help them stay focused on their work.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing and keep the temperature cool, but not cold.
  • Keep a bottle of water or juice near your workspace. Being well-hydrated will help you concentrate. Having a drink nearby means you will waste less time getting up to go to the kitchen every time you get thirsty.
  • Have a schedule that allows you to take some short breaks. Get up and stretch, or go for a short walk.
  • DO NOT TEXT! Seriously. One turns into two, turns into.....well, you get the picture!

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