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How to do your math homework: Common tips to organize your time efficiently

Climbing the hill of math homework may seem like it’s uphill all the way, but there are some ways to smoothen out a workable travel path. Use your homework time to actually do your homework by following the advice laid out below.

Don’t just read the problem

If reading through equations and solutions is the only way you do your math homework, then you’re doing it all wrong. Math demands to be written out for it to be understood properly. Break up your questions—and your answers—so that a larger view is obtained with every problem. Doing this will actually save you time, because just staring at a problem will get you nowhere slowly.

Make a list of questions

If you fail to find relevant answers to your questions using the resources you’ve been given, make a detailed list of those problems you don’t understand and hand it in with your homework. When your teacher sees that you’ve looked at the problem and not just passed it over, he or she will be less likely to mark you down. Instead, they can sit with you and explain it more simply. Once you understand those problems better, offer to redo the homework.

Chew gum while you work

The constant movement of your mouth helps concentration while doing your homework. You will take in information a lot more efficiently if you chew gum during homework time. This is sure to speed up your productivity.

Use the internet to confirm your answers

Why waste time checking yourself when internet resources can do it for you? Let’s face it: you want to understand the subject of math, so cheating is out. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use online math problem solving sites to check whether you did it right. Use these sites to check yourself and do the problem over if you find you made any mistakes.

Sign up for online tutorship

Find a reliable online tutor who is available at the time you do your homework. Make sure you have a list of homework problems that you need help with. Your homework will go a lot quicker if you have a teacher doing it with you. This also ensures accuracy and will open up your understanding to the problem, helping you to do it yourself next time.

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