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College Statistics Homework Help: Top 5 Places To Check

If you are struggling with your college statistics homework, there are five places you should check for help:


The first place you want to check is your teacher. Your teacher is the first person you should turn to when in need of help because they assigned the work to you and have likely taught with the same books/examples for many years. You should speak with your teacher about arranging some assistance after class or meeting with them during office hours. Office hours are regular hours during the week when your teacher has to be available to their students. This time is when you can make an appointment or show up to their office to ask them questions about your homework.


The second place you can turn is your classmates. If your teacher is unavailable or you are looking for more regular help, you can always turn to your classmates and ask them if they want to set up a study group or join an existing study group. Working with other students will help you to find answers to problems you are having more quickly and to keep some level of accountability that you cannot get when working by yourself.


Try your student study centers or academic help centers. Each school calls it something different, but each school has some form of academic help center where students can go and get outside help on core subjects. Some schools offer free tutoring from other students while others have a handful of staff members available to give you the extra assistance you need. Check out what your school has to offer.


Your school library might have many reference guides or helpful books that can explain the concepts you are learning in class in a different, and perhaps more easily understood fashion. You might even find tutoring programs here, or tutoring fliers. And on that noteā€¦


Tutors are a great resource, especially if you want one on one help with your college statistics work. You can find tutors online, through your school, or through your local learning centers. Many older students work as tutors for younger students, and this type of peer tutoring may be less expensive compared to tutoring from a professional. Check out what options you have to find what works best for you and your learning style.

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