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Useful Homework Help Strategies For Parents To Keep In Mind

If you are a parent of a child who is studying at school then you may be wondering if there any helpful strategies that you can used in order to ensure that they complete any homework to a high standard. The following outlines a few suggestions that you may wish to consider, in order to ensure that your child not only gets the work done on time, but that it is completed to a satisfactory standard.

  • Set a regular routine for when your child should do their homework
  • A really great suggestion is setting a routine for your child as to when they should do the work. For example, supposing their homework takes about an hour on average then you may decide that it is best for them to do it shortly after getting home from school, and before they have an evening meal.

    By setting a regular routine, your child will get into the mindset of completing the work at a set time, which helps to ensure that they are motivated and organised to do the work at the time. If they know that they need to do the work before they can do anything else, such as watch TV or spend time with their friends, then they will be more motivated to crack on and finish the work.

  • Use incentives to encourage children to the work
  • As well as setting a regular time for your child to do the work, you may also decide to use incentives to encourage them to do the work. For example, every time they complete a piece of homework, you may allow them to have some of their favourite candy or, alternatively, if you are particular health-conscious, you may think of an alternative, such as spending time looking at social media or watching their favourite TV show.

  • Ask open-ended questions when talking sure child about their homework
  • If you need to talk to your child about any homework that they have been set, then it is a good idea to use open-ended questions. If you only use questions for which the answers could be yes or no, then you won’t necessarily find out in so much detailed about what it is that they have to do. In order to ensure that your child is doing the work properly, it is therefore best to provide open-ended questions which require them to say more than just yes or no, as this will give you a better idea as to whether not they have done the work, as well as whether or not they have understood it.

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