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Where to Search for Help

Homework, there will always be a time when you will encounter a need for help. Depending on your situation, the assistance of another may, or may not be readily available. So, you might think carefully about “the next best thing,” which would present a couple of options. First, you could pretend to know what you are doing and “wing it” making the assignment all that much more disastrous. Second, you could consult the advice of a fellow peer over the telephone. Third, you could conduct research on the Internet. Fourth, you could choose not to complete the assignment and make up an excuse!

For the purpose of rationality, and, for the sake of your overall final grade, you have decided upon the third option, as the first, second and fourth proved to either have no results, or too risky. In doing so, you have made the correct choice. In this “information age,” as it is so often referred to, the accessibility to free sources of information is, most often than not, at the hand of one’s fingertips. To say that the Internet is a valuable source, would be an understatement. Most especially when websites, such as YouTube offers free access to educational videos, such as full lecture classes, workshops and much more. Many institutionally recognized websites, such as PurdueOwl, for example, have helped many individuals to write on a variety of writing subjects spanning from MLA format essays to cover letters.

How to Implement Assistance into Learning

As with any cause there is an effect. In this case, because of the need to find information at no cost to the individual, a predicament first emerged. From this conflict, several options appeared. Some of which seemed viable, others which did not. And in the decision making process, you have chosen to choose an option that has led to opening many opportunities for further conducting research. One of these opportunities, is that of searching within recognizable sources that offer a large array of options, such as YouTube videos.

And, if this, for some reason or another, proves to not work for you, reassess your available options. One of which, would be not falling behind in your class course, which, in turn, will lead to waiting until the last minute to complete your assignment. Good luck!

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